Ferdinando Romano “Totem”

Ralph Alessi - trumpet

simone alessandrini - sax alto & soprano

Tommaso Iacoviello - flugelhorn

nazareno caputo - vibraphone

Manuel Magrini - piano

Ferdinando Romano - Doublebass

Giovanni Paolo Liguori - Drums



Feat. Jerome Sabbagh e Simona Premazzi

Jerome Sabbagh - Tenor sax

Simona Premazzi - piano

Tommaso Iacoviello - trumpet

Ferdinando Romano - doublebass

Giovanni Paolo Liguori - drums

"Arcadia Trio"

Leonardo Radicchi - tenor & soprano sax, compositions

Ferdinando Romano - doublebass 

Giovanni Paolo Liguori - drums

Arcadia Trio.jpg

new album “don’t call it justice” out from February 2019 for ALfamusic


The release tour in Italy has been between the 7th and the 14th of February together with trombonist Robin Eubanks (Dave Holland, Michael Brecker, Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, Sun Ra, Barbara Streisand, Rolling Stones..) with whom the trio started a stable collaboration


Luciano Linzi (Casa del Jazz, JazzMi Festival) > "Arcadia Trio at Casa del Jazz has really surprised me. There was a high degree of compactness and coherence between the musical aspect, the organization of the music (all original), the strong contents of the compositions so effectively narrated by the leader, the saxophonist Leonardo Radicchi. Such elements are very hard to find in other young bands of our national scene. And in such a mature project the incredible guest, the trombonist Robin Eubanks, has fit in a natural way, in an equal dimension. Chapeau."  

Neri Pollastri on (Journalist, musical critic) The result is a concert of great interest, in which the young formation expressed the many qualities of its members, with Radicchi always tense, but enveloping on the tenor and more abstract, fragmentary and ultra-modern on the soprano, and with the rhythm section mixed with great balance the support to the two horns and the personal interventions, now solo (especially for the double bass player), now of timbric enrichment of the overall sound. Mention aside for Eubanks, impressive for its simplicity and relaxation in dealing with each step, including the most intense, for expressiveness and variety. But of which he struck above all the total availability with which he interacted with the much younger and lesser known stage mates, without in any way looking for the first floor, as an authentic great artist." 

Gerlando Gatto on (Journalist, musical critic) > "...Robin fits perfectly in the Trio, dialoguing magnificently with Radicchi and Romano and taking incredible solos. The sound of his trombone is limpid, the intonation perfect, the phrasing so incredible as to remind of all the great masters of the trombone, without forgetting about the groove he transmits to the whole band. Everything he does is without any sense of stardom, but rather  with a sense of disposal towards the band and the music. A concert perfectly succeeded that confirms the greatness of Eubanks (if there was any need) and definitely launches a band of great value, Arcadia Trio. You can feel that also by listening to their album, recently released.."


Marco Poggiolesi - chitarra

Ferdinando Romano - contrabbasso

Tandem nasce nel 2009 con l' idea di formare un duo dalle sonorità fondamentalmente acustiche che alternasse composizioni originali ad accurati arrangiamenti di brani del repertorio cantautorale internazionale.

Nel 2010 arriva il primo disco, "Tandem", pubblicato da Philology Records ottenendo un buon successo di critica e di pubblico, e un lungo tour in alcuni prestigiosi locali e festival in Italia e all’estero (Francia e Svizzera).

Segue nel 2013 il disco "Tandem. A ruota libera" pubblicato da Dodicilune. Accanto all’impalcatura acustica si intensifica l’utilizzo di loop e live elettronics, raffinando la ricerca e il lavoro nella scelta del repertorio. Anche il questo caso la critica accoglie molto bene il disco, che viene presentato in tutta Italia e all'estero.

Tandem was born in 2009 with the idea of creating a duo with an acoustic sonority that could alternate original compositions to rearrangements of songs for the international songwriter’s songbook. In 2010 the first album "Tandem" comes out published by Philology Records, probably the most historical Italian label, getting a good success by critics and listeners and realizing a long tour in many clubs all over Italy and Europe (in particular in France and Switzerland).

In 2013 the second album "Tandem. A ruota libera" follows, published this time by Dodicilune. Together with the acoustic feeling the duo makes a larger use of loops and live elettronics, refining the research in the choice of repertoire. Also the in this case the album gets very well reviewed and has the chance to be presented all over Europe.


Umberto Tricca, Achille Succi, Nazareno Caputo, Ferdinando Romano, Bernardo Guerra

Francesco Cusa Trio - Francesco Cusa & The Assassins

Francesco Cusa, Giovanni Benvenuti, Valeria Sturba, Ferdinando Romano